CND's Shellac-Rock Royalty with Hot Chili

Today, a shout out to my go-to website for news and info on nail products. Hillary is a nail tech who runs the amazing site, Solessence. When I first Googled information about Shellac last May, her site provided information about the colors, and provided pictures and details about layering Shellac products.

This is one positive and negative about the product line. CND has many colors in the product line that you wouldn't want to wear solo, but when used to top another color, it creates a lot of pizzazz in your manicure. For people who want COLOR!, the option that happens is that you can take two shades and create a newer color. (This can't be done with the OPI Gel Color product.)

Enter Hillary. She posts many pictures of Shellac layering on her website, pretty amazing because she IS a busy nail tech, after all. Ed and I were talking last week about the colors, because he'd considered the Dark Lava far too conservative for me, and I'd say that is an accurate assessment.

We were looking at her website the other night while talking, and today's combo was one that Ed really liked (there's another Hot Chilis combo that I'll do soon), and I thought it was striking. Even better, it is a perfect match for the magenta clothing you're starting to see in the spring fashions (the turquoise is darn close to Suzi Says Feng Shui, if you're wondering).

So, Here's Rock Royalty with Hot Chilis on top, pictured on top of a new shirt I bought today that goes nicely with it, too.

Hilary, thank you so much for all the time you put into sharing nail options with all of us!


Solessence said…
Suzanne, so glad the photos have been of help. Thanks for the mention and I love the color combo you chose!

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