Early Graduation Present

Like four months early.

My plans were to get an iMac once I finished the Master's program as my present. Mainly because all the software I use for professional purposes is Mac based and well, I have been totally assimilated by the Borg Apple-y goodness.

Seems my klutzy ways kind of stepped up those plans, and here I am, typing at a computer with a 21.5" screen. It seems freaking HUGE after using laptops for the past 7 years. I've gotten used to the mouse far quicker than I expected to, the keyboard is especially nice (can I get one for my PC at work?), and the thing has SIX USB ports. Hell, I can charge every portable Apple device in the house from the thing.

Down sides? I forgot to get the free after rebate printer, when I know someone who can really use it (going to call the store tomorrow and ask about that one), and I can't sit and veg in the comfy chair while I do school work.

Still, I think people like me are the reason why Apple shareholders are going to be getting dividends. You know how people pinned pictures on Pinterest of their 'book christmas trees'? I could totally do one with Apple product boxes.


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