Safe Haven

We've maintained a relationship with someone who neither Ed nor I particularly care for, because we like her oldest son, he's friends with one of ours and well, their home is extremely chaotic. To me, it's good to provide an alternative to the drama that surrounds his mother.

Today, he showed up on my doorstep-he'd ridden about 2 miles on some heavily trafficked roads to hang out. It's the first time he's ever done this, and when I asked if his mom knew where he was, he said her reaction was 'whatever' when he asked to make the trip.

Later tonight, I found out that he'd been told many times not to make the ride, because the roads do not have shoulders enough or sidewalks for him to travel safely.

That said, it was a good thing he'd made the trip. (His stepdad agrees)

There was a lot of drama that the mom brought upon herself and this time, the entire family is dealing with the mess she made. It's better that he wasn't around for some of it. I'm hoping that she gets the help she needs, and the family is kept intact while she is out of the home.

I'm glad that the boy felt comfortable enough to ride here when things at home were crazy. My parting statement to him tonight is to call me in the future, so he doesn't get in trouble with mom and stepdad. Today, the unapproved trip was just a drop in the bucket in the big scheme of things.


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