Change in Plans

Today was all about life happening while making other plans. Contingency plans at work and a conversation about my future studies that brings me back to several other conversations I had last year.

The main thing is that I should be making my primary focus special education, and Instructional Technology should be the cognate. This is not a surprise, several professors who have been very kind in their opinions have stated it before-but now one in my program repeated it. Reading into the conversation later, I realized that I was paid a huge compliment in a roundabout way.

So, I'm reassessing what lies ahead. There are several ways this could go:

1. I get accepted into the IT program, then transfer the following fall into the Special Education program.
2. I work for a year in the field gaining experience to build my portfolio, then apply to the Special Ed program here.
3. Or I follow the suggestion given, to seek out the appropriate top tier programs, apply, then leverage the offers given to get the best offer at the school I want to attend.

Option three came about because the professor named some schools I should explore and well, they're schools I would have thought well out of my reach academically. Then to be told to take all their offers and weigh them against each other just didn't process until later. It's one thing to hear it as an undergrad, and quite another thing from someone offering advice for you to become a peer, KWIM?

There is a lot to digest and research. At least I'm prepared for the changes I'll be exploring.


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