Can I Have a Vacation From My Vacation?

1800+ miles in 6 days. Two colleges, three states. Lots of mobile wi-fi hotspot bandwidth consumed.

We only had one national chain meal (Hardee's on the way out of Florida). Several traffic jams were encountered, but the aformentioned wi-fi got us out of sitting in traffic for hours.

The net result is that I liked the North Carolina school more than I thought I would and that my research plans are a good fit if we have to go to plan B. The Atlanta area's traffic is pretty much a deal breaker as far as Ed is concerned. We'd been warned that the road situation is worse than NY and DC and that is the absolute truth. People just move into your lane without looking or signaling. And I thought I had to use combat driving mode in NY-at least people telegraph what they're doing up there!

There is more research to be done, but I think if I had to pick one, Raleigh would be the winner for all four of us.


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