Shellac, Dark Lava

You know I've really gone nail geek when I arrive at my nail appointment and Katie has all the new Shellac shades out for me to check out. I knew the newest crop of colors was due in March, but promptly put it out of my head, so the new choices were a pleasant surprise.

Though, honestly, there was only one color in the latest crop that interested me-Dark Lava. In the pictures on CND's website, it looked like a raisin. The color in person has more brown to it. Yet another one that will be hard to photograph.

Katie layered it with another new shade, Silver VIP Status. I like the effect, enough to consider putting Zillionaire on the next color.

Pictures from my video camera for now, with more daylight pictures tomorrow:

Here's a shot in direct sunlight. If you want an idea of the Dark Lava without the sparklies, the pinkie gives you a good view of it without the sun's diffraction of the silver from the top layer.

More direct sunlight pictures:


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