Do We Really Have to Tell Someone Who is "Ony 27" That Stealing is Wrong?

You all know my point of view on Plagiarism. I've had several rants on it, whether it has involved me directly or as an observer.

Amalah, one of the bloggers who I followed since I started blogging, is the most recent to be a victim. Read her post today, and you'll probably have the same reaction I did, disgust that someone would take post after post and claim them as their own.

I think it hits me hard, because in seven or so years of reading Amy's posts, she's probably the nicest person you can find in the blogosphere. She posts things that are embarrassing, and it just endears you to her, because you're thinking "yeah, I do dorky things like that, too."

Still, I was curious about the situation and found the name of the blogger who did this. The name sounded *really* familiar. It wasn't until I read another blogger's retelling of the events that I realized why. The blogger in question (and her husband), bullied a few people I know and respect. (and one who I was an affiliate blogger for at the time.)

Back then, not many people knew the particulars, but it was chalked up to mommy blogger drama. So, it's no surprise that the blogger's husband tried to use a smear campaign on Amy, like the one he'd used three years ago on my friends.

Only thing is, Amy is an A list blogger, one who is well loved. Heck, Food Network invited her and hubby Jason to be the judges on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Even Food Network knows how freaking adorable this woman is. The type who gets nervous about little white lies, then blogs about the fact that she got nervous.

So, since it seems to be a foreign concept to some, let's review:

1. If you didn't write it, don't post it.
2. If you get caught, don't use your age as an excuse.
3. If you made a mistake, don't whine and complain that you're being persecuted, because the facts will come out in the Internet age.
4. If you steal from someone, accept whatever punishment is doled out.

I want to say so much more about the topic, but I can't do it without this becoming a huge diatribe...


ligirl said…
Oh my goodness! When I saw Amy's post yesterday I just. couldn't. believe. it. That someone would have the chutzpah to just BLATANTLY steal someone else's work like that! Unbelievable. Even worse, that "I'm only 27" crap. Really? ONLY 27?!!! Very sad. She's lucky Amy doesn't press charges.

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