Foiled in Cheating

GameTeen, as a video game nut, likes to have any advantage he can to play his games. He doesn't like to lose, though, so he insists on us buying the various aids to gaming, such as GameSharks and the Action Replay.

There seems to be a problem, though: the ones made for cartridge based handhelds gaming systems are garbage. He recently asked for one for the DSi, after having one for the DS and the thing doesn't work.

The only one that has worked successfully is made for the GameCube.

So, he's got the need to use cheat codes, and no way to do it.

Guess he's going to learn to do it Mom's way. I keep telling him the only way to win a game is to keep playing it to improve your skills. He didn't like that answer.

It's the only one he's got.


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