Making the Kid Happy

Chef is quite enamored with the Hunger Games books. It's like pulling teeth to get him to read for pleasure, so the fact that he's soaking this in makes me happy. A few weeks ago, he asked to see the movie when it came out. I'm not interested in seeing it, the storyline is not appealing to me at all. Still, I told Chef he could go.

Then I found out the local drive in will be showing it. Instead of the usual $4 head for two movies, this weekend it's just Hunger Games on one side. Still, $8 bucks to make him happy is not a bad deal.

And me?

I'll be using that mobile wifi to do schoolwork at a picnic table or in the back of the van while he watches his movie...


Bess said…
I was not sure if I was going to like the books, but they ended up absolutely hooking me. The lessons contained therein, though certainly surrounded by a good deal of violence, are nonetheless valuable. Watch the movie, Suzanne, at least so you'll know what your students are squeeing about on Monday :)

Much love from RI,
Suzanne said…
Thanks for that! I was buried by one of my classes this semester and didn't get to read it.

Chef has a pretty good head on his shoulders where the violence aspect is concerned. Either Ed or I end up having a good conversation with him, so I made the judgment call to let him see it.

Now GameTeen, OTOH, this would open him up to re enacting things from the movie. Not appropriate and he stays home.

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