The Beacon Drive In, Spartanburg, South Carolina

If you hadn't already gathered, we're big fans of Food Network. ("No, Suzanne, seriously?") Yeah, I know it is a surprise. I tasked Ed with finding places to eat while we traveled this week and out came our Diners, Drive Ins and Dives cookbooks.

You have to understand, we end up watching this show late at night, long past bedtime and the refrain is usually 'Yes, PLEASE' to whatever delight Guy's chef du segment is introducing. So, when Ed came up with the Beacon Drive In and their 'A-Plenty' as featured on Triple D.

While we didn't get to see caller JC Strobel, who is featured in the segment, we did get a fantastic experience and some great food. Ed insisted we only get one item 'a plenty' and you know what? He was right. There were enough fries and rings for all of us.

These are the rules and you'd best follow them. Then again, we were there after dinner rush, so they went easy on us newbies!

Underneath all of this is an awesome pork bbq sandwich that didn't need any of the bbq sauce (but it was a nice Carolina style vinegar based, so of course, I had some.) Next to it is a cup of what is seriously the BEST iced tea we've ever had. In fact, there was some jockeying when we got to our destination later that night, because I still had some left and the other three wanted some.

A nice young lady at the next table offered me some of the chicken gizzards when she spied me taking pictures of the food. I took it and spent the next five minutes trying to chew it. Still, it was nice of her to offer the shoe leather piece of her favorite food.

There's one thing I'm happy about, and that is that our cookbook contains the recipe for the pimento cheese spread. This grilled cheese sandwich was the best one ever, and now that means I can make it at home.

If you're going to be in Spartanburg, make it a point to get a meal at the Beacon. You won't be disappointed.


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