Marietta Diner, Marietta Georgia

Once again, we dined at a place featured on "Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives" and this time, it took us back to our roots. Long time views will remember Uncle Gus, who was driving the bus to Flavor Town. Well, Gus opened his own place, but we visited the Marietta Diner, which was featured on Triple D.

This is classic NY diner: gleaming chrome, neon and a huge menu of breakfast and dinner specials. Ed and the boys went for classics (Pizza Burger, Chicken Melt and an egg platter), while I was torn-so I asked our server. He pointed out a few favorites, one of which is always a winner for me, Chicken Pot pie:

This one had a unique savory flavor, probably because it was loaded with artichoke leaves (yum!). It ranks up there as one of my favorites.

Of course, we had to have dessert, but in to-go boxes. Ed got the seven sins cake and I ended up with a cannoli cake that I still haven't finished yet.

This is the third Triple D place we've tried (possibly 4th) and each has been worth the hype. We all enjoyed and left with full bellies. Marietta Diner on Urbanspoon


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