Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager

Last year, we were perusing the aisles of Total Wine and More and as we had a little bit of play money that day, scoped out the beers.

If you don't have one of these near you, Total Wine is a larger retailer of various alcoholic beverages, but you can find some boutique labels and microbrews along with the Chateau St. Michelles, Beringers, Michelob and other larger producers.

For instance, they've carried Pindar's Sweet Scarlett and Pythagoras in the past, Long Island wines we enjoy. We actually went there because Chateau St. Michelle's Eroica is about 2 bucks cheaper than everyone else, but that trip, we looked around for microbrews and found an Abita brew that we were unfamiliar with: Strawberry Harvest Lager.

Call us wimpy, but sometimes, a little fruit in a beer-if it's brewed that way-can be mighty tasty. A hunch told us we'd like it, so we bought two six packs. And promptly got hooked on the light, refreshing flavor.

Of course, it's seasonal. This means I've been stalking the Abita site since the strawberry fields locally have had workers plucking the sweet berries off the plants. I even installed the mobile app on the iPhone.

It lied.

I've been to four Publix locations, two that were listed as having the seasonal treat, and came away empty handed. This morning, though, I dropped Game Teen at school and decided I've venture to the Publix closest to work, where I found ONE six of it. It sat in the back of my car all day, but it's sitting in the fridge in the garage.

I decided to visit TW&M on my way home from campus Thursday night, because odds are good they'll have it. If not, I was informed by the cashier when I bought it that I can ask them to order me a case.

But I really, really want a whole keg!


Bess said…
Everyone around here is all about blueberry beer this season. Have you tried that and, if so, is it worth it? That strawberry one sounds awesome.
Suzanne said…
Bess! The iTeach lounge is not as much fun without you!

I have had a blueberry one, I think Sam Adams. It was pretty good, but I am weird and enjoy a little fruit in my beer. :)

The strawberry one is very light, and if I'm not careful, I probably could go through a six pack at once. That is NOT typical!

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