Red, Red Wine-The Shellac Edition

As much as I love Shellac's new Hotski to Tchotchke, it would be bad to wear it all the time. I'd be bored. So, the current plan is to switch back and forth between another color that that awesome, awesome teal metallic.

Yesterday, I went in, and for the first time, had to peruse the colors Katie has to decide, which is when she pulled out the layering effects samples to give me more options.

The first one was a winner. It's Decadence on the bottom and Rock Royalty on top. It looks like a glass of burgundy or merlot and has such a rich shade that stands out. I love the look-and the fact that I am not hiding my nails anymore. (The only down spot is the one torn nail that popped up, despite an ample coating of nail glue.)


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