I Love Siri

When they came out with the iPhone 4 almost two years ago, I made fun of the FaceTime app. Then I ate crow when I got the iPad and found the app was actually more useful than the insipid commercials for it when the phone was launched. (Let me tell you, it has helped Chef's sanity while Ed's been in the hospital.)

Anyway, one of the features touted with the iPhone 4S was Siri, a voice activated 'assistant' that fortunately, escaped the dumb commercial route. However, I really didn't play with 'her' until someone mentioned online that you get some interesting responses to the question "Where can I hide a body?" Let's just say that it's pretty funny, along with asking Siri how she likes living in my phone, what her age is and anything else that implies that Siri is human.

Well, over the past couple of days, I've really used Siri for 'her' intended purposes and I am really pleased with her skills at understanding speech and the AI 'she' uses. (I wish I could use the voice packs like they do with the various GPS devices, because I'd love Siri to sound like Darth Vader).

For instance, I put the phone to my ear and tell Siri to call Ed-and then I have him on the phone. A text comes to me while I'm driving and I can tell Siri "read me the new text message" and she does, then asks if I'd like to reply. So far, the replies I've dictated have been spot on.

Ed had asked me if I'd used the turn-by-turn navigation that Siri provides, but that's probably one feature I *don't* need. That said, Siri has proven to be an excellent addition to the iPhone.

Now, if only they'd offer Siri for the iPad, because there are plenty of uses for 'her' on that device. Hopefully soon, Siri will pack her bags for the thinner, but bigger quarters of an iPad 2.

I'll be waiting for her there...to tell me where to hide a body.


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