Yesterday, I forgot about a milestone. It was six years ago yesterday, spurred on by a friend, that I started the blog.

Here I am, 2,000 plus posts later, writing something every day for the past three of those and if it hits 11pm without a post, I get antsy.

Thank you for reading, for (occasionally) commenting and putting up with what I have to say.

Here's to many more.


JW said…
Funny, I began blogging not long after I took an intro to computers course at PSC. This was in 2008? When my wife peruaded me to go bac to school. I challenged her to find me a class that I would like and she did. It was after I had to write a short paper on a computer topic. She threw out the idea of 'Blogging in Business'. What is blogging? I never heard of the word but as I wrote my paper I thought , hey, this could be interesting. When I finished that paper I typed blogs in google and blogspot was the first link. Hence, my blog is a blogspot now and it keeps on trucking.

I find it ironic that some my my topics views are topics I never thought people would read so much into. One of them is 2 kinds of gyms.


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