My family has been doing something for several months now that it's assumed that we'll always do this. Game Teen's doctor's office is in Tampa, not five minutes away from an amazing German restaurant, Mr. Dunderbak's. We like German food, heck, we even enjoy the traditional German festhaus music and seating.

It's gotten to the point that I think the kids are conditioned that if we're going to the doctor, they're getting spaetzle, bratwurst, jaegerschnitzel or sauerbraten. It just is. Several weeks ago, Ed even asked if Game Teen's appointment was this month, because he couldn't wait to go during Octoberfest.

Alas, Ed's in the hospital and will probably be there through the weekend. The kids will likely ask to go, but it will feel weird to be there and not have someone to help me eat all the German delicacies.

I wonder if I can talk the kids into something else tomorrow and save the trip over there until Ed's able to join us?


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