A Phone and a Lesson

I ordered my phone last Friday and was told I'd definitely have it today. I do, but not without a bunch of questions.

See, I was at the AT&T store at 8:10 am, made my purchase and the salesperson told me it'd be shipped directly to my house job (which is why I went to the store, instead of ordering it online. Hassle free, right?

I am an avowed package stalker. I want to know exactly where my stuff is and when I can't, well, I get antsy. So, starting on Tuesday, I went onto the AT&T site, where there was no record of my order, by phone number, by receipt number, by zip code, nada. I called 611, and I was told they don't have the records, I have to call the store. The receipt gave a website, but when I entered my TWO digit order number, it obviously thought I was on crack and said "call customer service."

So, yesterday, after hearing of people checking their status and even someone getting one in hand, I called the AT&T store and was told "Oh, you won't see your phone for two weeks. They didn't anticipate the presale volume." Say what? I was there ten minutes after your stores opened on the East Coast for preorders and I have to WAIT? There were some unsure comments about being able to check status in the morning.

This morning, I call the store back. I get a nice young gentleman, and I explain that I can't check my order status, and someone told me yesterday, that despite me ordering one first thing, I wouldn't get one for two weeks. I was told they were sold out, that people had lined up at 5 in the morning. I was UP at 5am, I could have gotten my butt down there if it meant I'd have a phone.

I explained that I had washed my 3G iPhone and was using a Sony phone that doesn't even recognize Gmail as an option to set up mobile email. He suggested purchasing a phone on Ed's upgrade, then returning it when my phone arrived. Not doing that to Ed, he's out of town and would have no phone.

Realized that I might just have to suck it up, when he sensed my disappointment that I did everything I could to have my phone today and frustration with the situation, but not him. He said, let me see if we have any in the back that I can release. I told him I'd ordered a 16gig black, but I'd even take a 64gig white if it got me one today (though I really was cringing at that idea). "May I put you on hold for a few minutes?"

When he came back on the line, he said "I have your phone." I responded that I'd be there when I picked up my son from school, and then asked what we'd do when the other one showed up. He then said "No, you don't understand, I have YOUR phone. It has your name and phone number on the box."

Seems the young man who helped me last week, and the salesperson who answered the phone the day before were not aware of their SOP, that pre-ordered phones always are delivered to the store. So, about a dozen people may not have been told to come get their phones. If I'd known, I would have been there at 8am this morning. Instead, I drove right by.

And for six months or so, I'll have the cutting edge iPhone.



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