Only You, Times 3

I recently won a gift certificate to an excellent Cuban restaurant, and today, I enjoyed a nice lunch with that prize (Chimichurri beef, which is really Argentinian, but the sides were most definitely Cuban). It's nice, I get to speak a little español and listen to latin pop music.

Today, though, a melody sounded very familiar, so I listened to the lyrics and realized that I was hearing in Spanish (and translating into English) was a song from an album I played to death in high school.

Solo Ti, or Only You, by Yaz.

The original:

There was an awesome a capella cover about a year later from the Flying Pickets:

But today, Enriqué Iglesias had a turn with a favorite, and now I can sing those harmonies en español!

I should see if Enriqué covered some other 80's favorites.


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