AT&T is Loving Us Right Now

I ordered the 4S yesterday. Actually, I was the first person into the AT&T store that wanted the phone, after trying unsuccessfully to purchase it online the night before (order it from the Apple Store on your iPhone-nope) and about an hour before (wouldn't let me change shipping address to my office).

Meanwhile, Chef's phone has been out of contract since April and I knew we'd get him a newer phone. We talked to visiting the AT&T store a few nights ago, but got distracted. So, I took him over this morning. My idea of a phone 'just to use our texting plan' wasn't really going to work, as the options were severely limited.

Hello, smart phone for my younger child.

Insert the lecturing about no downloading to the phone if you're not at home, stick to playing games on road trips, where if you feel the urge to browse, ask Mom or Dad for their phones with unlimited data plans. Meanwhile, I think the browsing might actually take a backseat to playing video games, because it is the phone that basically has an integrated PSP.

Otherwise known as the 12 year old boy's dream phone. So, now I have a new phone (well, hopefully it will be here Friday), we got Chef on the same contract cycle as planned and he has a Droid that plays games.

Next up, Ed's new phone. He's thinking Droid, too, but the Samsung Galaxy. I don't know when he'll actually get around to making the purchase, but I'd like it to be in this billing cycle.

So would AT&T!

(and after spending several hours browsing, I decided there wasn't an offbeat enough case to go along with the Etch A Sketch iPad case, so I went with a simple Speck case...)


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