Before Ed and I started dating, he earned the moniker "Mr. Incompatible." Most of our friends got VHS camcorder, he bought an 8mm. We all bought PCs (286s and 386s), he bought a Mac(LC II). It took a long time to realize that he had the right idea.

Quite a few years later, a group of my online friends (YaYa sisters) started getting iPods about a year after they'd come out. The more my friends talked of their iPods, it sounded like a really cool device. I wanted one, the idea of putting many of my CDs onto one portable device just seemed like a great way to kick my butt into gear on exercising again.

That Christmas, Ed bought me one. While most of my friends had Nanos, Ed got me the a big one, 30 gigs. A few months later, he confessed that he was convinced I would grow bored of this gadget and I'd proved him wrong, because my iPod went everywhere with me. After my hard drive on my HP crashed (probably from the flash MahJongg game), I even bought MahJongg and played it on my iPod, as well as uploaded some videos.

For our anniversary, he got an 80 gig. Then GameTeen asked for one, and we got him a refurbed Nano for his 5th grade graduation. Chef got a refurbed shuffle for his birthday. All was good for a while, we each had a device.

Then came the iPhones. The fine folks at Apple put everything I could want into one portable device. Anyone who would listen would hear my raves about getting emails and blogging from anywhere. In a remarkable show of restraint, I didn't get one until they'd been out almost two years. Within days, we both had one.

And so it went. Steve Jobs and the design team created products we craved. We visited the Apple stores when we happened into malls that had them, promising to clean up the drool before we left.

I added the tag 'Steve Jobs is my pusher' to my blog, because in six years, we've amassed quite a few products that were created with his guiding view of what users NEEDED as well as what they WANTED, the most recent being a pair of iPads.

On top of the wonders of Apple we've enjoyed for almost six years, Jobs had his hand in Pixar, then Disney. There seemed to be a common thing, in that Jobs tapped into people's enjoyment, whether it was two hours in a movie theatre or many hours sitting in front of their computer.

In his 56 years, he accomplished so much that others didn't dare to try.

Godspeed, Steve Jobs. Thank you for the gift of your imagination and vision. You will be missed.


I have an iPod, my kids have Macbooks, iPods and iPhones.

Whether you use Mac or PC, iPhone or Android, you owe your technology to Steve Jobs' vision. I realized a few minutes ago that all the posts I made tonight on Facebook about Jobs' passing end with "sent from my iPhone" (Facebook can't tell the difference between an iPod touch and an iPhone). What an incredible legacy....

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