Car Rider Line Courtesy

One thing that has always been a puzzler for me is how the rules of the road apparently do not apply to school car rider pick up lines. This is readily apparent when I pick Game Teen up from school four days a week, and sometimes when I drop him off as well.

So, some observations and rules that maybe we can all live by:

1. It is a drop off/pick up line. This means that we do not park our cars in it to go retrieve our students. Do you park your car in the McDonald's drive through, then go into the restaurant for your food? Same principle.

2. If the parking lot is set up with angled parking spaces, please only drive your car down the lane in which it would be easy to pull into a spot. Yes, I know there are no arrows, but if you've got a school aged child, odds are good that this isn't a new concept.

3. If you'd like to have a conversation with your child's teacher, pick up time is not the time to do this. If you must, then please park your car and go into the school-let's keep the line moving.

4. You know those huge signs "DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION" that you see at side roads that let out onto busy streets? They're put there so people can actually turn onto the busy road. Please use that same concept for the rows of parking spaces, because some parents want to park their vehicles to accomplish number 3 above.

5. The two entrances to our campus are wide enough for two vehicles: one coming in and one going out, with a little extra on each side! Please leave enough room for someone to use the opposite side of the driveway. This happens to me nearly EVERY morning, with an offending vehicle 3/4 of the way over into the incoming portion of the driveway.

6. Recognize every other parent here in line is just like you-they want to get their child quickly and get home. Let's help each other get this done by following these simple rules.


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