Apple Calling

Last month, since were in the last month of Jane's iPhone contract, I canceled service on that phone. At the time, the representative was trying to get us to keep that contract, because it had the unlimited data plan that AT&T no longer offers.

Then he realized, hey, the contract is up on ALL of these phones and did a good job at trying to talk me into upgrading to the iPhone 4. I countered with the question I'm sure all the reps have been hearing for months "When is the iPhone 5 coming out? Because I'll be really ticked if I upgraded my phone and found out a week later that the new ones were being released!" I was told 'cough cough' that because I asked, expect a new phone on October 15th.

Okay, well, he was a day late and a version short.

iPhone 4S comes out on the 14th.

Perfect timing, since I washed my phone over the weekend.


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