Whats For Dinner Wednesday Friday

Tonight's dinner was an old favorite that I haven't made in a while, Shish Kebabs. It was a summer grilling staple up north. We don't grill in the summer here, it's just too darn hot. Instead, they got cooked in the oven.

If you've got a favorite herb or two, sometimes adding them to your boiling rice infuses great flavor. Our Rosemary rice was a great complement.

This has been featured in WFDW before, Chicken Parm. Last night, I took the picture, but was more involved with the speech and live blogging than posting the picture.

Trying to figure out the weekend's menus. Suggestions?


Joyce-Anne said…
How about pork? I just bought a nice piece of tenderloin and that's what gave me the idea. When I make rice often I will use orange juice. I combine 1 part water with 1 part oj--it's quite yummy. I tried using all oj but it was too strong for our tastebuds.
Gypsydoodlebug said…
HOLY COW! You MADE those???? Crap. You SHOULD be the next Food Network star!!
Suzanne said…
Joyce, the old job is doing their scrumptious Asian Pork Tenderloin this month (didya see that, Holly? Split a session?) I'm toying with playing with the spices with the pork chops I've got in the freezer.

Mandy, the shish kebabs are easy to make, it's just time consuming. That's probably why I don't make them more often. The chicken marinated for three hours and the assembly took about a half hour.

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