Live Blogging from the DNC

One of my blogging buddies, Sarah, has scored tickets to Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention. BlogHer will be live blogging tonight from various BlogHer members.

As Sarah's posting entries to Twitter, I'll be porting them over to the Live Blog. I'm readying for doing play by play tonight.

Sarah and Phil's vantage point at Invesco.View from our seats on TwitPic

Sarah and Phil, live at InvescoWe were born in the USA on TwitPic

If you didn't get to see the speech, it was posted on YouTube


Geggie said…
Whoo hoo!!!
Suzanne said…
I'm waiting for details, but she met up with another blogger I follow, Heather B of NoPasaNada.

Sounds like they were having a REALLY good time in Denver last night!
imaginary binky said…
Argh. I'm so slow at doing a write-up. I DID meet Heather B., and she was ultra cool. Must write it up...

You rock it hard for helping me out that night!

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