Running Around in Circles, Getting Nowhere

I screwed up royally, thanks to ADHD. I knew I had to get Gameboy's Medicaid reinstated, and I procrastinated. I thought it would be no big deal, since he'd already received it.

Wrong. We have to do a whole new enrollment. In the meantime, his medications run out on Monday. I think we'll be able to fill one or two, but definitely not all of them. Not when we don't know how long it'll be before I get a job and Ed's only giving him 33 hours a week. There is no way we can put out $1300.00 for a month's worth of medication. Rent comes first.

I'll put a call into Gameboy's psychiatrist, to see if they've got samples. I've been on the phone and all over Lakeland trying to get help. I'm getting some, but it's usually a case of "Try this agency, they might be able to help." What that translate into is:
1. They'll get you a discount on generics. (This doesn't help for the expensive Strattera and Abilify).
2. They're booked solid, and not taking new patients until October.
3. They don't dispense medications-try Medicaid.

It's no wonder I have a headache.


Saffa Chick said…
Ah hell. Just what you need right now.
Grandy said…
What the hell? I'm sure they can get you samples. Stalk them if you have to.

You've just reminded me (because I always put things off) I need to find my paperwork for traffic school. UGH!!

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