In this house, Tron is a revered movie. It is on right now, as Gameboy adores it. We've got two copies of the DVD, the software, the soundtrack and I even snagged a couple of the orignal Kodaliths off of eBay a few years back. If I could get my hands on a Tron arcade style video game, trust me, I would have one.

The movie is the ground breaker in computer animation, with several of the Pixar pioneers working on several scenes. Sure, the casual filmgoer probably will yawn at how some of this movie is dated, but we look at it as a time capsule of what life was like before we had computers in nearly every home, before the Internet changed the way we live.

Each of the actors played two roles: the one in the real world and another in the computer world. Jeff Bridges has said that his "Starman" character was based in part on his computer character, Clu. Back then, I didn't catch it, but it's there.

For years, there have been rumors of a sequel to Tron. Several years ago, a computer game, Tron 2.0 came out and we figured that this meant the movie idea was dead. We were bummed, but heck, at that time, Disney was interested in making sequels of princess movies, not stories that appealed to nerdy techies.

Then a funny thing happened. One of those guys who worked on computer animation in Tron, John Lasseter, became the head of Disney Feature Animation. I don't know exactly how it played out, but attendees at ComicCon were treated to 'a special presentation'. It was fitting place to show this footage. The images were taken with a camera phone, but listen to the audience reaction and know that this house is not alone in their ardor.

2011. The year of Tron 2! Stephen Lisberger is executive producing, Lasseter is at the helm at Disney and Jeff Bridges is on board. I can't wait to see what 29 years advances in animation and technology will bring to this story. Greetings, programs!


daysgoby said…
CAN NOT wait. Too cool!
Brad Hansen said…
Speaking of Jeff Bridges, I wrote an unsolicited script for a Starman sequel back in 1998. It was my first script and I quit college to finish it. It’s been gathering dust ever since. I sent it to Jeff Bridges and John carpenter, although I would prefer if Carpenter didn’t direct a sequel. I wrote some good f/x sequences and some interesting characters. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be involved, but I’d to see the f/x scene from the beach being incorporated, (Jeff’s manager Neil will know the one, totally plagiarised from another movie, but it would look great on film today). If anyone has any questions, email me at and I’ll answer them. (Although I won’t give away any plot points. And yes there is a son and indeed, I actually have the perfect casting suggestion!!
Suzanne said…
Jessa, I can't wait, either. Seems Disney has two of my faves in the works, The Tripods and Tr2n.

Brad, I would love to know if they do pick up your script! We ended up getting a copy of the video from my sister in law recently to show my younger son. "Yellow...go very fast" is usually said when we don't stop!

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