Does the Hurricane Theory Still Apply?

Fay made landfall in Florida. So far, she's been fairly quiet in these parts-kind of like the friend and coworker of years ago.

Since I *did* have a friend named Faye, does this count? Do I need to warn the rest of Florida of the storms named after friends and family? Maybe I should. In that case, we should worry about these:

Nana (we called my grandmother Nana, but it wasn't her given name-does that count?)

Bill (my stepdad)
If we include Ed's relatives in the mix, then Fred will come visit
Peter (my brother and we're seriously screwed on that one, folks)
Theresa (aka Legacy, though her given name is Therese-again, we're fucked)

Lisa (a former friend, but she'll probably end up like Fay)
Paula (we're IMing right now, I have to tell her we can't be friends anymore! LOL)
Walter (aka Socrates, but that one will loop around aimlessly)

We are safe, because middle names have never been a factor. I'll be sure not to befriend anyone with those names, just to be safe!

Joyce (okay, I need to send an email. The kids will be bummed. Do you think I can sever the friendship just before the hurricane season, then become friends after we pass that storm? :) )
Michael (nephew, does he get special dispensation from being a Florida storm because he's PDD?)
Patty (cousin, though I've only seen her a half dozen times in my life, so that doesn't count)
William (wait a minute, Bill was in 2009, they should cancel each other out)

Ingrid (but I haven't spoken to her in a long time, so maybe she'll be like Fay, too)

Save this list folks, especially if you live in Florida. Keep score along with me and see how many of my relations come to call...


Joyce-Anne said…
No fair! Remember Jeanne in 2004? You know that's my Mom's name. If I do say so myself she was a wee bit nasty as she passed through the East coast of Florida. I'm hoping 2010 won't see the name Joyce.

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