What's For Dinner Wednesday

The plans for tonight were ambitious. First, I was thinking of doing chicken kabobs, since we haven't had those in a while. Alas, the chicken was frozen.

Instead, I stopped at the supermarket after applying for a few jobs and grabbed some fresh chicken, but there wouldn't be enough time to marinate it. Chicken Parmesan sounded like a good, quick idea, and I'd do the kabobs Thursday.

Instead, there was a medical issue that needed to be attended to and I didn't get home until 7pm. There were prescriptions to be filled (Gameboy's two generics), too.
So, tonight's dinner was here instead:
Justaburger, Arnold Palmer and fries for tonight. Lemon pie for dessert. Pictures of whichever of the two I make tomorrow. Deal?


MM said…
Mmm! I miss living in Florida and having access to Whataburger. When I return to the states, I plan to go on a fast food binge.

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