When Life Gives You Lemons, Post Pictures From

the fun day you had the day before you lost your job!

We had a last 'huzzah', as Chef put it, at Busch Gardens. I loved it, because I had a coaster buddy, the kids loved it because they had a friend along, and Ed and I were thrilled to have ADULTS to talk to! The more time I spend around Bob IRL, the more he reminds me of Ed. He kept cracking Ed-isms to us.

A very nice character at the entrance. Ed commented that now there are two places you can wear construction lifts.
My attempt at an artsy fartsy shot. Didn't quite work.
I'm getting the impression that this is Gameboy's "Amusement Park" shirt. It seems to show up in every picture we've got at one!
Sheik Ra. All hype, no muscle. Seriously, the ascent is more nerve inducing than the drop!
The tortoise that probably moves faster than me. Later, we returned to the viewing area, and um, two of them were in a compromising position. I didn't stick around to report whether they do that real slow, too.
The camera focused on the one blade of grass. Pretty neat blurry shot of the elephant, though.
They had this very large Tiger Trail habitat, and this guy decided he'd stay up at the top of the bridge between two areas.
Thankyou, thankyouvery much. You can't tell how SOAKED he (and the rest of us) got with two trips around the Congo River Rapids.
White Tiger, Orange Tiger.

The day was perfect-not too hot, no rain and the best part was having friends along.


Mike Golch said…
Having friends and family around is great thing to have. I hope that you are having a good day.

Sorry for not visiting in a while.

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