What's For Dinner Snack Wednesday

It's too early for dinner. I'm going to be at work tonight and won't be doing my usual dinner post. So how about a snack to tide you over?

Here's some of our leftover chicken fajitas made into nachos for a late night, Olympic viewing snack.


A hearty THANKS! to Jess of DaysGoBy, for showing a ding dong like me how to do the strikeout! :)


Gypsydoodlebug said…
Oh MAN that looks good.
Suzanne said…
There's still about 2 pounds of chicken left-wanna come over for dinner? :D
daysgoby said…
It's < s > and < /s > (no spaces) you goob!

The monitor does not taste nearly as good as those look.
Joyce-Anne said…
I'm getting hungry just looking at them. :-)
Saffa Chick said…
Me lurve nachos! Mmmm

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