Fay Passed Us By

If we lived even 5 miles further south, we would have had rain all day. Instead, the only rain we had was around 8:30. Then again, they're saying this storm will boomerang, so we may still see the tail end of the storm.

A few pictures from earlier this evening. I'd looked into the other room, and there was bright orange light coming through the window. It made me think of when Roy is out with his utility truck in "Close Encounters" and the space ship hovers over him.


Bonnie said…
That color is amazing!
Grandy said…
YEAH!! You missed it!! Or it missed you..whatever. YEAH!!
Holly said…
We definitely had a beautiful sunset that night! What a letdown though... no school, and not even as much rain as a normal summer afternoon.

Guess I can dig into the pop tarts in the hurricane kit!

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