My Stupid Leg, a Pictoral

**If you're squeamish, skip over this post! Anyone with instructions for how to create a jump in Blogger, I am all ears.

My Stupid Leg (trademark pending) has been giving me fits this week. The burning numbness has ramped up to a level that is hard to ignore. Sleep has been fitful.

When you look at it, though, it isn't as bright red and inflamed as in the past. I need to consult with Nurse M, but I suspect that both of these happening in conjunction with each other probably means the circulation in the ankle and leg is improving.

When you look at the pictures, the proof is there. Now, I couldn't bring myself to take pictures when it was at its worst, so you're spared seeing the gross stuff. Here's the progression:

July 2007**********************************************************************

This was right after removing an Unna Boot, which means I don't have a cankle until I stand up.

August 2007********************************************************************

Don't believe me about cankles? Take a look at that leg with an Unna Boot on!

October 2007**********************************************************************

Some shots from when I went out on disability. The thing to remember is that those wounds started as a dime size and an egg sized ulcer. It took 11 months for them to go away.

May 2008************************************************************************

Released from care about three months prior.

Drum roll, please, this is what it looks like NOW:
Almost flesh colored, but even if it were, the rest of the calf gives away that I've been through some trauma with this thing...

As I've mentioned before, I won't be getting any modeling jobs. At least I don't have to worry about losing the darn thing, though!


Saffa Chick said…

I'm glad it's getting better! (and as cankles go you have nothing to worry about hun)
Grandy said…
Oh they do look better. I know this has been a tough struggle. I'm sorry.
Holly said…
It looks a lot better! A picture's worth a thousand words... OUCH, that looks painful!

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