This Olympics snuck up on us. We hadn't paid any attention to the sports casters, the previews or the hype prior to the events.

Instead, this household started watching the second day-we didn't even see the epic opening ceremonies. My plans were simple: watch swimming and gymnastics, for the speed and grace that the competitors show in abundance.

There have been some nail biting events over the past few days, but gosh, tonight was incredible viewing! Congrats to Dara Torres, in our hearts, you're a gold medalist. Kudos to Usain Bolt, for clearly showing he's the fastest man in the world and Constantina Dita-Tomescu for making marathon running interesting. Finally, thanks to the 4x100 medley relay team of Aaron Peirsol, Brendan Hansen, Jason Lezak and Michael Phelps for a nail biter of a race. It was compelling viewing.

Major kudos to Ian Crocker for displaying the same sportsmanship that was shown to him four years ago. He offered up his slot on the medley relay time so that Michael Phelps could achieve the unprecedented 8th gold medal in one Olympiad record.

After all the excitement of the past 8 days, I wonder (and hope) that the next eight bring more interesting viewing.


Mike Golch said…
I'm Glad for Michael.Now let's see if that goes to his head.
I hope that you are Having a Grand Day! Hugs and God's Blessing to you and your family.Mike G. said that!(It's my A.A.thing)

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