I've been posting more of life with Gameboy on the other blog, but this one needs to be shared.

Last night, CHef and I dropped Gameboy at Boy Scouts while we did some school shopping and preparations. Haircut, shirts for Gameboy and three pairs of pants for Chef (that I don't have to hem, thank God!). The last stop was to Sonic for some promised slushies for the boys and then back to scouts.

We entered the room to find Gameboy coming down off the stage to a round of applause. He came up to me, beaming, announcing that he'd just recieved his Tenderfoot.

Gameboy had this rank's requirements done for over two months, but we kept stressing that it was his responsibility to get in for a board of review. I'd remind him of this when we attended meetings, but I wasn't intervening with the adults in charge-that was his job. Finally, he got his act together and did the review and saw the fruits of his efforts.

He's in a very active troop. I counted well over a dozen boys at Scout rank, and about 9 at Tenderfoot. That he's moved up sooner than boys who have been there longer just shows how invested the leaders are-they know he needs more prodding than most.

Afterwards, several leaders came up to us to congratulate Gameboy and to tell me how well he did in that Board of Review. The also told me that because he has special needs, that there may be a waiver of the swimming requirement that comes up in 2nd and 1st class scout.

We're going to give it a try, and enroll him in swimming lessons. It's nice to know that if his motor skills prevent him from learning, it won't keep him from moving up in ranks.

Last night's drive home was a great conversation with both boys-they're both eager to earn Eagle. I'd be over the moon if that happened, but I told them the fact that they're involved and having fun is great, too.


ligirl said…
Congratulations, Gameboy!!! I'm so proud of him!! :-)
Joyce-Anne said…
I love these posts. It's nice to share with the world (or your little part of it) good news. Congratulations Gameboy and Mom for encouraging him along!
Rich said…
Congrats to Gameboy, that's wonderful! Success has a way of fostering success, so here is to his continued achievements!!!

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