What's For Dinner Wednesday

No pictures...yet. The reason for that is in house cleaning today, I misplaced the USB cord that attaches to my phone. This brings us to part two of What's For Dinner Wednesday.

We had company. Joyce, Tim and the littlies (to use an aussie term) were here for the day, as a break from their WDW vacation. They kindly took us out to dinner. Now, I thought that I'd posted pictures of a meal out for WFDW previously, but Joyce was convinced I hadn't. We even looked through the WFDW tagged posts and did not find any pictures of meals I hadn't cooked.

There ARE pictures of meals that were enjoyed while dining out, though none of those are posted on a Wednesday. Today's post is the first where someone else made the Wednesday meal. Trust me, the finances don't allow for many of those anymore.

What did we have, you ask? A nice meal at Smokey Bones, thank you. We spent two hours enjoying the food (the beer) and each other's company. For a major chain, they've got darn good 'Que.

On the tables, there were stickers for $6.00 domestic pitchers. Ed and Tim decided on a pitcher of Sam Adams, since there wasn't a list of what was excluded. Later, I noticed the old style Shock Top Tap (an tough looking orange with a wheat sheaf mohawk), and they decided the second pitcher should be that. Two domestic beers, right? Apparently not. They were $12.50 each. Ouch! At least the boys were feeling pretty fine.

On the appetizer front, I lobbied for the BBQ nachos, since I'd had some with a few coworkers a couple of months ago and damn, they're good. My two shocked the heck out of me-they both ate them, including Mr. Picky Eater! Woohoo, add that to the list of things I can get him to eat. Tim wanted to corn bread and the Pulled Pork Sliders, while his youngest wanted the top of the bun off of one of the sliders. LOL.

Meals were darn good, too. Ribs, yummy yummy ribs and brisket for me, the kids all ate off the kids menu (shocker for mine), Joyce went for Ribs, and the menfolk went for brisket and pulled pork. I am still stuffed three hours later, and I've got lunch for tomorrow, too.

Once I find the darn cord, I'll upload some pictures. I can't tell you how it was made, because I DIDN'T MAKE IT! I know, check me for fever!

Oh, here's a cool one for you. I got an email to participate in a foodie website because I write about food. Mulling that one over, but hey, any email like that sure does plenty for the psyche.

Right now, I'm darn content. A good meal and great company, what could be better?


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