Hurricane Watch 2008

I moved to Florida in 2004, and rapidly experienced several hurricanes. At the time, I joked about the fact that the hurricanes that hit the state were named after relatives or close family friends. Charlie (my prank playing great uncle), Frances (the great aunt who had a lot of grace) and Jeanne (my mom's BFF that she found when she moved to Florida).

Since then, I've joked that a storm had to be named for someone I know before it comes inland here, rather than further up the east coast or the gulf. Now Fay is staring us down and Ed brings up my coworker/friend Faye, that this may be another interesting ride.

Are we prepared? Somewhat. Thanks to scouting and camping, we've got plenty of gear that would get us through a power outage of up to a week. On the other hand, I don't usually stock up on water, so we're short on that front. I'm thinking the fridge in the garage is going to gain a few pitchers tonight and tomorrow. I've got the makings for Laura's killer sangria, except for the vodka-so of course, that hurricane preparation list includes the booze. (Laura's recipe is awesome-it makes A GALLON of potent sangria!)

I've got a weird preparation tonight. In advance of possibly losing power, I'm going to predate a few posts. To get to mid August without missing a day, I'd hate for Fay to be the downfall of my Blog365 efforts, lol. Why do this? When we weathered the last round of hurricanes, we lived in a different county, with a different power company.

There were sporadic outages, the longest lasting five hours. Here, along with an electric bill that has doubled for less consumption, I've heard more than a few stories of being without power for over two weeks back in '04. Oh joy.

First day of school pictures later, and let me tell you, the idea of the second day being called for a hurricane? I'm sure those teachers are dealing with a hyper they never have before for the first day of school!


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