Would You Consider?

A coworker of mine once sold the software that Ed utilized on several mainframes with a oouple of employers. Mark is a helpful sort of guy and had suggestions on local employers he could try for jobs in the tech sector. Today, he says to me "Would you consider moving to Europe? Ed could find work over there easily!"

I took a half second to answer that HECK,YEAH!, I'd move to Europe.

Consider the possibilities:
Showing the kids all the things they learn about in the history books (that Momma has always been dreaming of seeing)
Eating all the amazing food
Drinking all the incredible wines (and touring those wine regions!)
Trying fantastic beers all over the continent
All the opportunities for photo hunting
Immersing ourselves in another language and culture
Perhaps attending culinary school

Yeah, the possibilities would be incredible. I'm usually too grounded in reality to consider those possibilities. However, the traveler that lurks in my soul took this suggestion and perked up. She said "Why not?", where as the pragmatic me said "You can't. There's too much keeping you here."

Sometimes, I wish I could follow that adventurer spirit instead of obeying the realist's sense of doing what's within reach. The realist asks what the heck would we do with our stuff, how much would it cost to get the essentials overseas, how would he go about finding work, what about work visas, how exactly does one get the kids enrolled in school, Asperger's? and what about Mom and Jane?

The adventurer, of course, is like the devil on the shoulder of Larry in Animal House, saying that we should think of us, OMG, you could check out several Michelin restaurants, travel to Mont St. Michel, see the Moldovan wineries that make wines you adore, ride in a gondola in Venice, take pictures of Lake Geneva, stand and absorb the scenery of Stonehenge.

Being a realist is a bummer. I'd rather be an adventurer...


Grandy said…
I would SO live there if I could. :)
Saffa Chick said…
I've never jumped with a family in tow, but the mantra is this:

"Life is short. Live it. Rather regret failing than regret never trying."

You'd be surprised how many people will encourage you to go and live the life they wish they'd had.

Do it.

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