Plans Are What Get Changed

Yesterday, the planned agenda for the day were listed. Instead:

Gameboy's orientation resulted in a foray into an over crowded parking lot and the discovery that he was missing a TDap booster. We were unable to get his schedule and I stressed about that. Just as well, the place was so packed that we probably wouldn't have gotten more than a minute with each teacher.

Sporadic thunderstorms killed the trip to Busch. We'll retry Sunday. Instead, we first tried to bowl, then when that didn't pan out, a movie. No luck. We parents chose to go out to dinner, then back to Bob and Maureens. Damn, movies look good on those new flat panels (drool).

As I found out about needing the shot just before we needed to head to Tampa, and we would arrive back after five, I called the Health Department. "Yes, we do shots starting at 8am. You can show up at 7:15, when we start giving out numbers."

At 7:45, we were number 58. At 12:45, we were finally done. He was a trooper-three shots and only one got any reaction, a murmured "That hurt!" Heck, I didn't even know he'd gotten the first shot until the nurse moved away from him and he had a band aid on his arm!

For those five hours, he was well mannered. Gameboy does NOT like waiting, but he coped, even giving me some snuggle time while we waited. I'll take snuggles whenever I can.

Ed took the kids over to the school later on and got his schedule. We're all set for Monday morning-80 hours to go!


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