An Evening With Friends with a Side of Worry

Tonight, I had plans to go to the other side of town. My landlord lives over that way and Bob had a question about one of his purchases, so I offered to stop by after dropping off my rent.

Once we were en route, I called the Bob and Maureen residence to let them know I'd be there within a half hour. Maureen sounded distraught. Their dog got out right after I'd spoken to them earlier. While this probably doesn't sound like a big deal, I knew that he was in unfamiliar surroundings. In addition, they're about a quarter mile in three directions of three pretty busy roads.

This has been a hellish week on the pet front, what with Jill losing Simba and another friend telling of a lab who got accidentally locked in a car for two hours. Wembley had to be put to sleep because he'd suffered severe organ damage.

The drive down to their place was nerve wracking. I worried for Bob and Maureen, because their dog probably didn't know his way home, could easily get hurt or worse and heck, it has just been a crappy week on the pet front. Part of me feared getting to their house and hearing the worst.

On the way down from one of the main roads, Chef and I looked down each of the side streets, Chef thinking he saw a big, off white dog laying on a lawn. We detoured and found nothing.

I got to their place and they were in the midst of making the requisite calls after they'd been out looking earlier. Bob and I went out again, while the boys all played and Maureen stayed home for any calls or if the pooch found his way home.

Fortunately, twenty minutes of driving around and Bob saw a familiar sight laying on a driveway. He said "That's Chewy!" and the dog looked right up and trotted (bounced? He's a Wheaten, they have springs in those paws) and happily was reunited with his master, just a little dirty from his travels.

It is so nice to have a happy ending. Glad you're back home, Chewy.


Kristy said…
So glad to hear that Chewy is home safe and sound!!
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Sweet story!
ligirl said…
Thank Goodness! (Don't tell me...short for "Chewbacca, right?) Heartbreaking about Wembley, though, and still so sad over Simba, too.
Bob said…
Thanks, again Suzanne. Chewy went to the groomer today to finally get the crud off him. It's very sad about Simba and Wembley, our hearts go out to their people.

Oh the door gets shut EVERY time now!

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