I Need Objective Help, Please!

You've heard me talk about it for over a year now, I've finally done it. I am writing my email to Food Network for the Next Food Network Star.

Those who want to give it a once over and critique it, let me know. I'll send you a copy. If you've watched previous seasons, you'll notice that a complaint they've had with other competitors won't be an issue. You could say that having the blog has been good practice!

Cross your fingers!


The email was sent yesterday. It detailed how my Mom and Dad, in their own ways, fueled my passion for cooking. I brought it my vision for a show and why I felt it was a necessary addition to their lineup. Only time will tell.

Thanks to Donna, Donna (Krisscop), Holly and Joyce. All had great suggestions on how to streamline the email and gave props for the things they liked about what I wrote. I dilly dallied in writing it, knowing that the right 'audition' would come out sooner or later.

Now the waiting game. If selected, I would go to New York right after Christmas-6 days shy of finishing Blog 365. If selected, I would be incommunicato for eight weeks. Ed suggests preparing non specific blog entries to get me through till the first of the year. (Methinks the hubby is optimistic about my chances-that's a switch!)

So, if I disappear on or about January 1st, know that my email worked!


Holly said…
I'd LOVE to see it!
ligirl said…
Me too! I only watched this last season, though...so not quite certain as to what prior complaint you are referring.
david santos said…
klasieprof said…
I'm a preety gud edotoreeal personal so if's youse want me to give it looksee, I will gladlee.


Suzanne said…

Thanks for the laugh! Good thing I wasn't drinking anything at the time, otherwise the monitor would have gotten a bath!
Joyce-Anne said…
I'll look it over, if you like. It would be cool.

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