Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Our Song

Among the many odd things about our relationship and us as people, Ed and I can count Our Song as another unusual thing. We don't have ONE song, we've got several!

Soon after we began dating, confessed to each other something drastic-we both liked country music. I didn't want him to come visit and be shocked that Garth, Trisha and Reba were in the CD collection. Each of us had a local country station we enjoyed, and soon after, I heard Tracey Byrd's "Keeper of the Stars" and well, it fit our situation. So it became our song.

Then, because we both liked Marillion, Ed suggested I pick up the more recent release, Brave. There was a song on that album that also fit us. So "Made Again" became Our Song number two. Both songs fit, but in different ways.

It wasn't enough to have two songs to call our own, we had to find a third. Yet another Marillion song, this time "No One Can." Three was the charm, we haven't claimed any other songs. Except the ones we sing different harmonies for, that is!

Happy Anniversary, Honey.


ligirl said…
Hey, Lovebirds...Happy Anniversary! You two give me hope that True Love is still possible and worth waiting for. I love you both very much. Happy Anniversary!!!
Joyce-Anne said…
Happy Anniversary!!! Hard to believe it's been 11 years already.
imaginary binky said…
Look at that hair! You gorgeous lady, you. Ed looks like he should be selling sammiches outside of a Dead show. Haha! And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible (as Phil looked similar when I met him, you dig).

Eleven years?! Is that true?! Phil and I will celebrate 11 years of married bliss in October. Just celebrated 15 years of total togetherness. Wacky, man.
Holly said…
Awww! Happy Anniversary! It's so nice to know some long-married lovebirds!


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