Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

I'm wondering if it's time to put the Sunday thing to bed. Of all the posts, only SSS receives very few comments-most weeks not getting any. Just putting it out there that I may stop it...

The other night, a coworker gave me a ride home, as Ed and the boys were at the Drive In watching Clone Wars. This is the gentleman who surprised me with his love for jazz a few months back, so it was only natural that the radio in the car was tuned to the Orlando jazz outlet. A song came on, the three of us in the car were happy to hear a blast from the past and blog fodder had arrived. The song? Ace's "How Long."

If you're the average person, you may be wondering why that one song from the 70's merited a blog entry. The reason why it's notable in my book is that it is the first hit featuring vocalist Paul Carrack. Since then, Paul has had several solo hits, but he's also fronted many bands who hit the charts and has been a part of even more.

Are you familiar with Squeeze? Maybe, maybe not. Their biggest hit, "Tempted", features Paul's lead vocals. He replaced Jools Holland for their East Side Story album and returned to the band for a spell in the 90's to record their album Some Fantastic Place.

More than likely you're familiar with his work with the third band he charted with, Mike and the Mechanics. Paul is more prominent with them and you've heard his vocals on "Silent Running" and "The Living Years".

He has charted as a solo artist, too. "Don't Shed a Tear" and "I Live by the Groove" were hits in the late 80's/early 90's. Clearly, this is a guy who knows how to tap into what makes a hit.

Other artists, mostly across the pond, recognize this. Take a look at the man's discography and you'll find that he's recorded on the most popular selling single of all time, Elton John's "Candle in the Wind '97", with Nick Lowe, John Hiatt and Roger Waters, too.

Some guys work for years to break into the business. Other artists toil way, have hit after hit and they're not known. Then you've got Paul Carrack, a hit maker many times over that most people don't even realize that they've heard him time and time again.


Bonnie said…
While I may not comment, I love reading SSS.

Do you blog for the comments or do you blog for yourself? That is the question. (I have a whole post in draft mode on this subject.)
Suzanne said…

I do blog for the writing. That said, when I'm in the edit screen and the only thing that doesn't have comments are all those Sunday posts, I wonder if I'm boring my readers!
Saffa Chick said…
Consider this a Soundtrack Sunday comment... I read em but we have very different tastes. I haven't heard of most of your bands - probably because I grew up in South Africa.

If you enjoy writing them then carry on. If they're a schlep then stop!
Suzanne said…
Saffa, you will laugh, though Ed, Donna, and Joyce will cringe.

I was (am?) a fan of world music. Back in the 80's and 90's, Johnny Clegg and Savuka figured heavily into my personal playlist. However, my ex husband would play Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World ad nauseum when the friends would come to visit.

This past Sunday, I heard "Scatterlings of Africa" while at Busch and I started to sing along. I think Ed might have had horrible flashbacks, though!

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