Observations and then Some Humor From A Cute Kid

The job search, it goes. As related in yesterday's post (read the comments-Saffa saved me from a part two. You are awesome, lady!), I've seen some rather interesting things in the hunt for a job. Most of them make me shake my head. I'm hoping that this means I stand a better chance if that's what the job pool is like!

We've had a call every flipping day from Gameboy's teacher. He won't settle down, he's being disruptive, he's not doing his work. While I understand it to a degree, I want to know why she's just calling Ed. My phone hasn't rung once, while she seems to keep getting Ed's voice mail because he's at work.

I went to the school today to give them the heads up that Gameboy would be without medication by the end of the week, that they're in for some dramatic changes. I also wanted to know what was going on that we're getting daily phone calls-perhaps a change in the IEP is in order? The guidance counselor agreed that we need to nip this in the bud and I'll hear from the ESE specialist tomorrow.

While there, I also mentioned the paraprofessional openings I noticed (I qualify for many, having 75 credits under my belt) There's one that is right up my alley, too. In talking about it to her, I said it would give me valuable insights if I head back to college for that teaching degree AND it would help them to have me on campus should Gameboy have issues. (That kid will quake in fear if it does happen "Gameboy, we're getting your mother down here!")

On the way out, the guidance secretary greeted me and we spoke for a moment. She suggested applying to be a school bus driver-the hours and days work with the kid's schedules and I could specify our area of the county. Then, the proof that secretaries are in the know (Nurses in the medical field), I mentioned the para position and she gave me step by step instructions and why the county has them frozen for the moment. It was worth it to go down to the school for many reasons now!

Then, I decided to apply to a local establishment, figuring that they've got a good reputation AND I can tailor my hours to the needs of scouting. They've got a hiring kiosk at the front of the store.

I walked in, there was a woman at the terminal, with a guy sitting on the seat next to it. I thought they were together (he was dressed appropriately, she looked like she was ready for a day at the beach.) Okay, this will take a few.

My glasses broke last week, and figuring this would take her a few minutes, I walked to the optometrist nearby. I am hoping the next job has a vision plan they participate in, because my glasses were fixed while I waited-for five bucks. On the way back to apply, I walked into the video game store to see what used Wii games they might have for sale (no luck there). This meant I was gone for a good 25 minutes.

The woman was still filling out her online application and the guy looked a little peeved. Rather than stand there, I decided to go into the store and look around for a few minutes, coming out fifteen minutes later. She's STILL filling out the online thing, but at this point, there was nothing else for me to do nearby.

The guy says "Can't you do this at home?" while looking at his watch. He looks at me, he's frustrated. I mentioned that the website says you've got to apply in store. That's when I realize that no, they're not together and he's been waiting for her to fill this thing out for at least 45 minutes.

There wasn't enough time to wait for him and get back in time to take Ed's Mom on an errand, so I left-and stopped elsewhere on my list. This time, I got a paper application. It was pretty interesting, as one whole page was questions: What do you consider world class service? If you could work with anyone, who would be on your team and why? as well as specific questions about the type of merchandise they sell that are designed to see what you find interesting about them. I thought it was pretty cool that they want to find people who put some thought into working there.

Okay, the funny stuff from the cute kid.

Last night, while returning from Cub Scouts, we were talking about the old neighborhood in passing. He said "Oh, when we lived in the Root Beer Bottle?". The old neighborhood was a loop, and yes, it did resemble a bottle.

"Root Beer Bottle?"

"Yeah, our old neighborhood was the Root Beer Bottle and the new one is a comb." It IS comb shaped, but I never thought of it that way.

Then he tells me that when he's walking home from school each day, once he gets into the community, he thinks to himself "Comb, Sweet Comb."

What a nut!


Mike Golch said…
out of the mouths of children.
I do believe Mr. Art Linkletter had it right"Kids say the darndest things"
Joyce-Anne said…
That was a good chuckle. Thanks, my foot needed it. :-)
Holly said…
Cute way of thinking about neighborhoods. I wonder what he'd say about my neighborhood- "the giant egg?"

Too funny!
imaginary binky said…
I have a job hint for you that may or may not be a good thing to follow up. E-mail me, lady.

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