Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

In which you get two topics for the price of one!

First up, back in September, I shared the a capella group, Moosebutter's Star Wars. The song has given Chef and I countless hours of enjoyment, along with the rest of CeeDee, the album it is on. Moosebutter has done a few You Tube videos, but not one for this song.

A few weeks ago, someone pointed me towards a YouTube video in which a guy used the song to lip sync a performance. It was cute, but I think I was more interested in where the heck he got the geeky shirts, because I wanted some (probably Think Geek).

Well, Corey, the guy who did this, and Moosebutter are apparently working together-they did their video response to it. The difference is that they are performing live, and Corey is using the Cee Dee recording, so the quality isn't as good. Still funny.

Part two:
TLC has been airing some promos for their Monday night lineup. I liked the unusual phrasing and syncopation of the song. What to do? Go to You Tube and find it.

I found the full version of the song posted by the band, Fisher. Then I looked through the rest of their posted videos and found another song that reminded me a bit of October Project.

It just makes me think back to being a kid and liking a song on the radio that the jocks NEVER backsold, so you had no clue who it was (and you were too young to go to the R rated movie it was in!). It took someone misplacing the single into the wrong bin at Sam Goody and you not checking the 45 you pulled out of the cubby to get that Georgio Moroder song!

Nowadays, you can just go between a station's website, Google and You Tube and find new music that peaked your interest. It's a wonderful life, indeed.


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