Why is it...

that the first time we heard anything about losing EIGHTEEN channels via our cable company is while watching one of them at 12:30am? We're losing MTV, VH1, Spike, Noggin, Spike, Comedy Central, TV Land and others.

Guess who we're calling in the morning?

Only reason we found out about it is because VH1 started running a crawl chyron! it No information about this was enclosed in the bill this month.


Since I'm getting a bunch of Google hits on the topic, the channels TimeWarner and Brighthouse customers will lose are:

VH1 Classic
VH1 Soul
MTV Hits
MTV Jams
Comedy Central
TV Land
The N
CMT: Pure Country


ligirl said…
Ugh!!! That BLOWS!!!! Back to satellite now?
it's a major battle between Time Warner (your cable provider) and Viacom, the owenr of those channels, as to how much Viacom is to receive for providing its programming to Time Warner. it will undoubtedly get resolved in the next few days. there was a full page ad in today's NY Daily News showing dora the Exprorer crying over the situation -- with the message that subscribers should call Time Warner and demand that it keep all your favorite channels (gee, i wonder who paid for that ad?)

those of us in Cablevisionland are unaffected, of course.
Suzanne said…
No, Donna, it's bundled with the internet access, so we'll have to deal.

SB, Brighthouse is rather silent about the subject. I suspect that today's Orlando Sentinel or Tampa Tribune has more details-but we don't buy the local papers. Can't find anything online!
ligirl said…
Yes...Songbird is right!!! Just happened upon it on MSNBC.com...just sent you a link.
and there's a thread about it on our "favorite" site:

Suzanne said…
SB, but I scooped them this time. Yay!
Suzanne said…
It's almost 3am New Year's day and we're watching VH1 Classic-so I guess they agreed at the last minute.

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