Movies I've Missed, Part Deux

This past weekend, I was hearing others tell of their favorite Christmas movie. Apparently, for many, it's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I have a confession to make.

I've never seen it.

This is initially by design and now, it's easy to skip over. I'm not a fan of random madcap misadventures at the expense of someone, so seeing all the things that befall Clark Griswold wasn't my idea of fun.

After hearing everyone in a group rave on and on about how funny it was, I was pointed to a few clips on You Tube. Perhaps you have to see them in the context of the movie, because they didn't make me laugh.

On the other hand, give me Miracle on 34th Street and I'm happy. It's a Wonderful Life, ditto. Die Hard. Die Hard? It takes place at Christmas! Scrooged? Sure, why not-it has a happy ending, too.

The Rankin-Bass Christmas specials also rate high, and I'm lucky-my husband had to get the DVD box set when it came out, so I don't have to wait for them to show up on TV. Basically, if it's a Christmas special that airs every year, we own it on DVD or VHS.

What about you? What's your favorite and do you own a copy so you're not upset if you miss the broadcast?


ligirl said…
"Bad(der) Santa", for sure! Billy Bob Thornton as a completely subversive Santa very succinctly sums up my personal feelings about "The Holidays". (Plus, it has a midget in it, and that's always a good sign. I love me some midgets.) Bah, Humbug!!! THE HOLIDAYS...Good Grief...aren't they over YET?
I think my favorite must be Christmas Story. Ralph just reminds me of my little brother and the movie reminds me of my childhood. As a tradition though, we always watch Muppet's Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve.
Suzanne said…
Donna, really? Billy Bob?

Vixen, I really, really enjoy Christmas Story. The other half doesn't, so I have not watched it all the way through in eons.

What's not to like about the Muppets!

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