In the Home Stretch

Question for the long time readers:

When I said I'd blog for THIRTY days straight, did you think I'd still be at it over 420 days later? Yeah, me neither. However, here I am and the finish line is in my sights. I can see a bit of exhaustion (or really, the funkitude I'm trying to fight), in that I'm not full of topics of conversation the past few days.

Recently, Ed made a statement "You're signed up for next year, right?" Actually, there hasn't been a peep of a Blog 365 for 2009. Maybe there is somewhere, but Google hasn't found it. Nor do the forums have a topic posted about next year's even.

On January 1st last year, there were around 1100 people signed up. Now the site shows 1563. Any guesses on how many of those people made it through the whole thing? I know that Steven is still at it, Sandy, Lou and a few others(Jess? Can't remember if you're in the ranks still, since you post at the other blog.). The rules were reasonable, as long as you worked offline, you could post it online for the day it was created. This was a lot more forgiving than the NaBloPoMo and Holidailies rule.

The year has been good on the blogging front. I've made several friends and found a bunch of blogs to follow. I'm a little bummed that most of those won't be doing the daily posts anymore! Inspiring others to blog seemed to happen again this year, but as is typical, most fall by the wayside-Robin seems to be the one who's keeping up with a grueling pace that fells many a newbie! [Internetz: I'm sorry for the amount of garbage that 'abandoned blogs' seem to leave in your midst.]

Even better, this event inspired a blog cheerleader in one of my oldest friends. I think she's too intimidated to start her own because all the blogs she reads publish daily! Joyce, don't you remember the days when I posted two or three times a week? (don't worry, that won't happen anymore.) I love the fact that she comes back to me with blogs I should check out!

So, two more posts and I'll cross over that finish line. It'll feel a little like Forrest Gump, in that its more than likely that I'll keep running.

Thanks for being along for the ride. The year has been abundant with comments and new readers. It makes one feel good when a post inspires someone to share their opinion.

Let's see what 2009 brings, shall we?


daysgoby said…
No, fell off in December - you just wait, though - I'm regrouping to begin again in January!
you are my inspiration, suzanne. thanks for intorducing me to the wonderful world of blogging. I'm following several blogs now, and will probably add a few more.
Jientje said…
Hi!!! I'm Jientje, and I came here through Lou's blog. I read in your comment that you finished 365 too, and I wanted to congratulate you.
I have only one more post to write, and then I will cross the finish line too! It has been a wonderful experience, hasn't it?
Have a great New Year, I wish you good health and all the happiness in the world. And lots and lots of friendship (through blogging or in real life!)

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