What's For Dinner Wednesday

There are some absolutes in food:
Every culture has its own dumpling, like the Japanese have Gyoza, the Polish Pierogies, the Italians Ravioli, and the Mexicans Empanadas. In a similar fashion, every society has their own pasta and meat casserole.

Tonight's dinner was the Greek 'lasagna', Pastitsio. Ed and I were discussing WFDW the other day and I'd mentioned things I was considering. He requested this, even though it's only been consumed when we dine out. He, Chef and I love it-we honestly have yet to eat ANY Greek food that we don't like.

I'm glad Ed suggested it, because while it was time consuming, it was relatively easy to do and quite yummy! The beef closely resembled Cincinnati Chili, so I will probably do that again soon and you'll see a future WFDW featuring a Four Way. Yum!

What I'd always thought was just a simple Bechemel sauce topping the dish really is a custard. It begins with the butter, flour and milk, but a lot of eggs are blended in to give it that thick consistency.

The laughable part is that the recipe I made said "Serves 20". If they're 20 people with tiny appetites, sure! Chef was so happy, he ultimately ended up with four helpings. I guess Pastitsio is now in the regular dinner rotation.


I love Greek food. that looks yummy.
Saffa Chick said…
Is that the same as mousaka? Are there aubergines in it? I love mousaka and I make a fabulous version... it's more of a winter dish though so I can wait ;-)
Suzanne said…
No, its only similarity is the construction. This one is pasta, meat, then the custard like top. And lots of cheese.
ligirl said…
Oh. My. God. My favorite, as you well know. OK...another thing you now have to make for me when I get out there again...LOL

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