What's For Dinner Wednesday

This time of year, I start to get a craving. Not Christmas Cookies, not figgy pudding,and not eggnog(well, maybe for that). For potato latkes. Yeah, I know, I'm not Jewish. However, as a kid, there wasn't a Channukah that went by without Mom making them. Granted, we had them with a decidedly non kosher meal of pork loin, but it was a given that one of the Monday dinners in December would have them as a side item. You can count them among the comfort food of my youth.

The Pavlovian response in me is that once the calendar hits December, I need to have some. The difference is that Mom would buy the box of Streits (which are really good), and I'm cheap and make them from scratch.

Tonight, they were served with leftover Bacon Cheese Chicken. I'll eat a salad tomorrow, lol!

Considering that we all enjoy them, I suspect that I'll make them again on the first night of Chanmukah to recognize the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight nights.


mmmm....my grandma made the best home made latkes. the ones from Streit's just don't compare. yours look delish.
Joyce-Anne said…
I'm hungry. Unfortunately, they won't mail well...
Suzanne said…
I can come up and make them for both of you! ;)
ligirl said…
Oh, Dear Heavens...Bacon Cheese Chicken AND Potato Latkes? I am so jealous, but on the other hand, don't live SO very far away...I think I needs me a fix!!!!
Grandy said…
Ooohh...Is it non-kosher to want to try those with ketchup? They look yummy!!!
traditionally they are served with applesauce or sour cream, but grandy can have them any way she likes.

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