The Life Cycle of Gingerbread Men




This was part of the open house at Young Chef's this past Saturday. We miss visiting each week, but it was good to see everyone for this event. They raised money and collected canned goods for ECHO, a local agency that helps the homeless. Pretty cool.

Once I'm back to working, I don't think it will just be Chef attending classes. Gameboy is anxious to participate, too. Hey, if it means he won't expect me to be his short order cook and make his pb&j's, it's money well spent! :)



I have a friend whose 18 year old son is studying culinary arts. he loves it, found a real niche for himself. sounds like your boys love it, too.
Kimberly said…
That sounds like a very cool program and I love the pictures. Poor gingerbread men. If they weren't so yummy . . .
Suzanne said…
SB, I think it's a great activity. Partly because it shares one of my passions, but mainly because it's a skill they can use their whole life.
(Last year, they taught a simple latke recipe, too!)

Kimberly, one of the intructors was having a ball watching to see what part of the gingerbread men were devoured first. I think there is a sociology experiment in there somewhere!

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